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At All About Trees AZ, we have been providing tree services in Phoenix and surrounding areas to property owners in Arizona for over 20 years. Whether you are a business or a homeowner, as experienced professionals, we will handle your tree-related needs. With our knowledge, we can assist you in the extremely arid soil conditions of Arizona. Our commitment to excellence and our vast knowledge and expertise make us the right choice to care for your trees. We provide tree removal, trimming, tree feeding and expert tree care s in Gilbert, Chandler Tempe, and surrounding East Valley areas.


Servicing the East Valley Including Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe Tree Service

Residential Tree Services

All About Trees is a local tree service company that has provided Gilbert and surrounding East Valley areas with professional tree care for over 20 years. Not only do we provide exceptional customer service, but we are committed to your trees and overall tree health. Our company takes great pride in offering a wide range of tree services, using the most modern equipment, and the best-trained employees, all offered to clients at the most competitive prices. Here are a few factors that make our Tree Service some of the best in the business.

Commercial Tree Services

For over 20 years, All About Trees has been providing Gilbert and surrounding areas with the best East Valley commercial tree care service. When it comes to commercial tree care, our certified tree care experts know the importance of keeping your trees healthy and looking their best. Not only does proper tree care help keep your business or commercial property safe from falling trees & potential safety hazards, but it also helps maintain its overall curb appeal.

Tree Removal Services

Tree removal is often needed to eliminate dead, dying, or hazardous trees, to reduce competition with other plants for sunlight & space. While in new constructions or home additions, it allows for new landscapes that may not incorporate trees. Are you uncertain whether you need to remove your tree or if you have other options? Let our tree experts and certified arborists inspect your landscape and help you decide the best course of action for you. Tree removal is the most hazardous job in horticulture and must take into account nearby houses, utility poles, and confined spaces to name a few.

Tree Trimming Services

When your trees, especially large trees, are in need of a good tree trimming the best thing to do is call a professional Tree Company. There is a large variety of trees and the way you trim one is not the way you trim them all. Proper tree trimming ensures a safe environment for people and trees and keeps your trees growing properly. Give our tree care team a call. At All About Trees, we have the right equipment and knowledge to properly trim all types of trees, including large palm trees, citrus trees, Chinese elms, mulberry trees, pine trees, mesquite trees, and more.

HOA Tree Services

When it comes to common area trees in a residential community, tree care & removal are the responsibility of the Homeowners Association. Well-cared-for trees are not only valuable and important assets. For residential communities, they are also less likely to pose any safety hazards to the residents as well as to the properties.

Tree Stump Grinding

All About Trees certified, licensed & experienced arborist & tree care experts provide the best tree removal service throughout Phoenix. We also provide the best stump grinding & stump removal services. Stump grinding & stump removal can be a dangerous and often complicated task. It may seem like a good idea to attempt stump grinding or removal yourself. However, entrusting certified tree experts is a better option for ensuring the safety of yourself and others.

Other All About Tree Services

  • Tree Planting
  • Pruning
  • Excavation
  • Tree Cleanup
  • Deep Root Feeding
  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Residential Tree Service
  • Commercial Property Management Annual Tree Care
  • Tree Thinning & Shaping
  • Palm Tree Removal & Trimming
  • Complete Queen Palm Care
  • Complete Cactus Removal & Care
  • Spraying Olive Trees
  • 24 Hour Emergency Tree Service

Trees provide many benefits to our homes, neighborhoods, health, and environment. They also give us beautiful landscapes and add curb appeal to our home. When a storm comes through or a tree is not properly cared for, it can become unhealthy and a hazard. Many people tend to take matters into their own hands in these situations. As a result, it causes injury and put many in dangerous situations. Calling a professional tree service company will save you headaches and money. Our tree care experts have experience in assessing if the damaged tree can be salvaged, trimmed, treated, or needs to be removed. Our family-owned tree company is bonded, and insured and offers exceptional tree service in Gilbert, Chandler, and throughout the East Valley. We also offer emergency tree service, should you find yourself in an undesirable situation.

Why Choose Our Tree Service Experts?

All About Trees is a locally owned and family-operated Arizona Tree Company. Our team is very experienced in all aspects of tree care. In addition, we can  help assess a situation correctly and determine the best route to take. Allow us to provide professional input and advice with pruning, fertilizing, planting, transplanting, or removing trees.

  • Bonded & Insured
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