Emergency Tree Removal

Summer Monsoons and other strong storms can cause unforeseen wreckage on a residential and commercial property. If a tree has fallen on your home or property and you need emergency tree removal service give us a call 480-343-3572.

All About Trees offers emergency tree service, including tree trimming, removals, storm damage, and more.

Be Proactive About Taking Care of Your Trees

All About Trees Certified Arborist in Arizona

Tree damage from a storm can become a safety hazard for your home and your family. In addition, storm-damaged trees may come into contact with electrical wires. This can cause a host of problems including electrocution and injuries. Consequently, trees and limbs under tension can react and cause injury when cut. A professional arborist has the experience and proper equipment to safely remove broken branches. Also, they are capable of removing tree limbs, blown over trees, debris, and even do complete tree removal.

Whether it is your home or business, All About Trees offers all types of tree services in Tempe and surrounding areas. This includes emergency tree removal and tree trimming.

Contact us today at 480-343-3572 for a free, no-hassle estimate.

Our team of professional tree care specialists is ready to meet all of your tree service needs and leave you completely satisfied. Whether it be an emergency service or regular tree care, let All About Trees service your trees and be your total tree solutions company.