Your Guide To Tree Survival In Extreme Heat


Arizona is known for its desert weather conditions & long summers with dry, sustained heat. Oftentimes during the summer months, there are periods of extreme heat filled with excessive heat warnings. In fact, when temperatures reach up to 113 degrees three days in a row or more it is classified as extreme heat.  We all know how dangerous the summer heat can be for ourselves and animals but what about our plants & trees? While it is true that plants like cacti thrive in the desert heat, most plants & trees require extra protection during the hot summer months


Water More Without Overwatering

Trees require more water during the heat-filled Arizona summer months, which can easily lead to over-watering. It is crucial that while you up your tree’s water intake, you still find the right balance of just enough water and not too much.  – This means adding an extra day to your existing water/irrigation cycle as well as watering during the evenings to allow maximum water absorption.

Maximize Water

It is also very important that you water your trees in the right location, which is at the drip line of the tree. This encourages root growth in the right direction. You also need to water deeply so that the tree sends its roots deep in chase of the water.

**This also helps to protect trees during violent winds caused by summer monsoons. Trees that have healthy & well-maintained root systems promote optimal overall health of the tree.

Soil Sunburn & Scarring


While it is usually advised to let the soil dry in between waterings, during the extremely hot summer months you want to keep the soil moist for most of the day. 

Avoid Sunburn & Scarring

Young trees are most vulnerable & can be protected using either a tree wrap or reflective paint applied to the trunk of the tree. This can help prevent sunburn and scarring as the result of too much sun & heat exposure. If you aren’t sure how to go about painting or wrapping your trees it is best to seek the services of an experienced tree care service to ensure the safety of both you & your trees. 

Proper Trimming

While trees definitely need more water during the summer months to maintain proper health they also need proper tree trimming. Trimming your trees helps to maintain the trees’ purpose in the landscape. 

Observation Is Key

Lastly, observation and paying attention to the trees throughout your landscaping is also extremely important. While it is true that some trees and plants wilt during the summer heat-filled days to help minimize & conserve water usage, constant withering & a sickly appearance indicate there is a problem. Signs of sun scarring can also mean that your tree may need to be looked at and its nutrition & watering plan updated. While proper tree care and seasonal weather changes can seem quite daunting, seeking the services of certified arborists & professional tree care experts can help simplify things when it comes to maintaining optimal tree health. Not only does the appearance of your trees affect the overall curb appeal of your home & landscape, but the trees on your property are also an investment as well. Proper tree care & maintenance ensures the health & longevity of your trees for years to come and can help prevent tree removal

About All About Trees

All About Trees is an ISA-certified arborist, which means we have undergone a considerable amount of study in the areas of cultivation and especially management, of many different kinds of trees and shrubs. All this expertise is made available to our clients, whatever their tree requirements may be. We are also family-owned & operated and ensure that all employees hired by your favorite Arizona Tree Service, are professionally trained and have been e-verified as being eligible for employment in the United States.