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Commercial palm tree trimming companies understand that palm trees are a great landscaping feature and tend to grow well here. However, palm trees can grow out of control rather quickly and also tend to suffer from other ailments such as insect infestationsunder fertilization, and palm tree diseases. If palm trees are part of your landscape, it’s vital to nurture, maintain, and care for them to ensure their thriving health. Also, it is also important to keep palm trees maintained and well cared for so that they don’t become a safety hazard and a potential danger to both your home and its occupants.

An Expert Commercial Palm Trimming in Gilbert

All About Trees are your trusted, certified professionals when it comes to palm tree trimming and maintenance. We offer the best palm tree trimming service throughout the East Valley with our experienced commercial tree trimming experts ensuring both their safety and yours.

Palm trees can become quite a safety hazard when left uncared for or unmaintained. They differ from other trees in that they shed their fronds (palm leaves) on their own. Because of the tree’s height, weight, and size of the fronds, falling palm fronds can be very dangerous causing potentially serious injuries. Another factor to consider with palm tree maintenance and care is that not all palm trees are meant to be cared for in the same way. All About Trees arborists not only are very knowledgable and experienced with the many different kinds of palm tree species they are also equipped to care for and maintain them in their own individual ways.

Trimming Different Species of Palm Trees

Generally, commercial palm trimming is ideally done annually there are different factors to consider depending on the type of palm tree you have.

Mexican Fan Palms – The ideal timing is during the first week of June. This is so the seed pods will be fully developed and they won’t throw out seed pods after they are trimmed, until the following year.

California Palms – we recommend trimming the second week of July for maximum benefit to the tree.

Date Palms – perfect timing to trim them are in May, in case you want to avoid a seed mess.

Queen Palm – this palms care is tough in the desert. Because our soils lack numerous necessary nutrients, artificial supplementation becomes crucial for palm trees to attain their maximum potential. We fertilize then via deep root feeding.

Royal Palms, Foxtail Palms, and Veithchia Palms don’t need trimming because they naturally shed fronds when needed without much potential danger. They do still need nutrients and care to help them grow. And as with all types of palm trees if they are not cared for properly they are in danger of dying & needing tree removal or becoming safety hazards to you and your family.

We offer both residential & commercial palm tree trimming services in Gilbert, Chandler, and surrounding cities. We also offer palm skinning. This can help with roof rats, birds, and insect control. It also provides a cleaner look and increases curb appeal. Should you have questions regarding palm tree care, palm tree maintenance, or would like to schedule a palm tree trimming appointment or consultation, please give us a call or fill out one of our quote forms today!

The Best Commercial Tree Trimming in Gilbert: All About Trees

At All About Trees, our service is a cut above the rest. We offer a wide variety of tree trimming and tree removal services for homes and businesses in Arizona. Also, we only hire the best climbers and arborists, and make sure all of our tree trimmers and removers are E verified. Lastly, we ensure capable handling of all necessary yard work.

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About Gilbert Arizona

Gilbert is a town in Arizona that was once known as the “Hay Shipping Capital of the World.” Located southeast of Phoenix, Gilbert is part of the Phoenix metropolitan area. The town is the sixth-largest municipality in Arizona and the fifth largest in the Metropolitan Phoenix area. As a rapidly growing agriculture-based community and economically diverse suburban center, the town’s motto is “A Service Organization.” For more information about the town, click here.

General Information

  • Population: approximately 240,000
  • Longitude/latitude: 33°21’10”N 111°47’20”W
  • Zip codes: 85233, 85234, 85295-85298
  • S. Highway 60 borders the northern part of town, while the Arizona Loop 202 runs east-west through the center of town.
  • The best place to stay in Gilbert is the Hyatt Place Phoenix/Gilbert, a casual 3-star hotel located on South Market Street.
  • The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, located at 3400 East Sky Harbor Boulevard, is about 18 miles northwest of Gilbert.

Notable Residents

  • Bengie Molina, who is a former professional baseball catcher
  • Jim Bechtel, who is a professional poker player who was the World Champion of Poker in 1993
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is a quarterback in the NFL. He attended Highland High School in Gilbert.

Town Facts

  • Gilbert is located in the country of the United States of America.
  • Gilbert is in the state of Arizona, which is normally shortened to AZ.
  • Gilbert is located in Maricopa County.
  • Incorporated in 1920, Gilbert is a Council-Manager type of government.
  • The current mayor of Gilbert is Jenn Daniels.

Other Interesting Facts

  • Gilbert is home to Eduprize, the first charter school in Arizona located on West Melody Avenue.
  • Numerous properties in Gilbert are listed on the National Register of Historic Places: The Gilbert Water Tower, Gilbert’s first jail house, Liberty Market, and more.
  • Gilbert has 2 sister cities: Newtownabbey, County Antrim, Northern Ireland; and Leshan, Sichuan, China.

Top 5 Things to Do in Gilbert

  • Discovery Park on East Pecos Road is a gorgeous 48-acre park featuring soccer fields basketball courts, a playground, and a lake.
  • The Gilbert Gateway Towne Center is a large shopping mall in town. Located on South Power Road, it features a range of stores, boutiques, eateries, spas, and more,
  • Gilbert Town Square is another popular shopping center in town. Located on South Gilbert Road, it also features a bowling alley and movie theater.
  • The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is a scenic park with ponds and an observatory located on East Guadalupe Road.
  • Trilogy Golf Club at Power Ranch is a marvelous golf course on East Village Parkway.

Nearby Suburbs

Gilbert is bounded by S Power Road to the east, South Gilbert Road to the west, and Baseline Road to the north.

  • Mesa is located just north of Gilbert
  • Chandler is immediately to the west
  • Tempe is located to the northwest
  • Scottsdale is a bit further nothwest